Why Small or Medium-Sized Businesses Need a Social Media Manager

You already know you should leverage the power of social media to grow your small to medium-sized business. You’re aware of how many benefits accrue to companies with engaged audiences and free advertising platforms. You watch competitors succeed, and you get that a large part of that success comes from successfully implemented Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

Yep, you understand the reasons for social media, all right … you just don’t know what to do about it.

Whether you haven’t yet braved the world of social or have tried several times over and flopped on each attempt, it’s time for a little help. Working with a social media manager can help you keep up with the constantly changing rules and best practices, it frees up your time for the tasks that really matter, and it gives you the proper distance to create solid, effective campaigns.

Let’s look at each of these a little more closely.

Social Media Changes ALL the Time

Ask anyone who had an Instagram account back in 2016 about this, and they’ll tell you that social media rules absolutely cannot be relied upon. The algorithm shift from chronological to “most important” (a dubious definition if ever there was one) has cut growth for a lot of users and made many people very unhappy.

Does Instagram have their reasons for this, despite two years of begging from fans to return to the old ways? Sure, and they’re happy to explain them in vague detail. The real question isn’t why they did it, but how you can keep your account alive in the face of such a drastic shift.

That’s just one example. Facebook has made changes to the detriment of organic growth as well, and other platforms constantly update their approaches to increase or – more often – decrease users’ abilities to grow organically, with the goal of encouraging paid promotion.

Bottom line: It’s really hard to keep up. What can you do instead? Should you opt for paid advertising? How does it work? What does it take to design a well-run and lucrative campaign? How can you continue to grow organically? Excellent questions all, and a social media manager can help you answer them.

Who Has the Time?

Pop quiz: Are you a social media manager? NO? Then why on Earth have you allowed the masses to convince you that this giant task should fall on your shoulders alone? That’s like saying you ought to make your own danishes or reroof your own home. Could you? Uh, sure. With enough time and money, you can learn to do anything.

But … should you? No.

Truth is, you’re trained to do another job – be it accounting, retail or even marketing. You don’t have time to learn a skill that others perform professionally, despite the popular assumption that everyone “should” manage their own social accounts.

Here’s a thought: Spend your own time on what matters, on the tasks you’re already excellent at, and leave social media to the pros.

Are You Too Close to the Task?

You know how jurors are supposed to recuse themselves if they’re too close to the issue? Well, same goes for social media: Sometimes you just can’t be as objective as you ought to. No matter how amaaaazing you think your product or service, if that’s all you talk about, then you’re not likely to get far with prospects.

You have to serve them, and how best to do so is a question a social media company can answer far more effectively than you. Plus, there’s the fact that you may not know the tricks for creating good content: visual curation, hashtags, proper caption length, tagging other accounts effectively but non-spammily, and more.

Once again, these are all skills that social media managers possess. Via working with dozens or hundreds of other customers and seeing positive ROI, they know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Isn’t that the kind of expertise you’d love to bring to your business?

If so, get in touch today. We’ll talk you through your options and help you build the best plan for the future of your business.